CHAMP Cargosystems provides the most comprehensive range of integrated IT solutions and distribution services for all players in the air cargo transport chain. CHAMP is a byword for business-critical content and best of class, reliable connectivity. CHAMP Cargosystems GmbH located in Frankfurt (Germany) provides with Traxon cargoHUB one of the best-engineered platforms for worldwide electronic data interchange. It delivers a new philosophy of information management simplifying the transmission, conversion and distribution of messages, and expands the scope of information sharing within the air logistics community. It acts as an open, extendible and rules based industry service bus that combines the power of the CHAMP global community with state-of-the-art technology.

CHAMP Cargosystems efficiently links members of the global airfreight community, irrespective of their IT configuration or systems. We enable all parties along the supply chain to achieve high levels of real-time electronic information exchange and to participate in industry initiatives such as e-AWB, e-freight, and the IATA Message Improvement Program (MIP). In fact, we provide an important pre-requisite to drive paper-free cargo handling. Traxon cargoHUB helps us to improve supply chain data quality and completeness. It also facilitates information sharing with non-traditional parties, such as customs authorities around the world. We remove the complexity of data exchange with multiple or independent partners by translating into higher productivity and low transactional costs.


As a leading provider for airfreight IT solutions we focus on the IT-security as a mandatory part of the airfreight business. A constant exchange of know-how between experts helps each party to improve the efficiency of the processes.

CHAMP Cargosystems GmbH
Saonestr. 3a
60528 Frankfurt a.M.

Tel.: 069-66906-200
Fax: 069-66906-231

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